Hello, I'm Yota!

I’m from Athens, Greece and for the last 7 years I live in the States with my family. Currently, I’m located in Fort Worth with my husband and two beautiful daughters Athena and Alexandra.

I’ve been into Astrology for most of my life. I began my professional journey into the stars when my first daughter was born, 7 years ago. I wanted to offer her everything that I could and deep down I knew that just all my love was not enough. I needed to learn more about child psychology. Then I discovered that by knowing Astrology, I could better understand her. I would have a glimpse into her talents and be able to help her develop them. I could also understand and find a better way to help and deal with her frustrations by gently guiding her to explore other things. This is when I knew I could make a difference and wanted to share what I have learned with the world.

I have been blessed with teachers from both Greece and the States who offered me their valuable knowledge in all sectors of Astrology, and I would always be grateful for this.

There are things happening in the sky above us that are interconnected with us. It might be difficult to grasp the meaning of how all this works. That is why I am here to help with. Let’s take together a journey throughout the stars….

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The Natal Horoscope is the blueprint of our life. Analyzing it, we can find out our strengths, our talents, and parts that we should focus our attention on a major improvement of our life. Having a better understanding of ourselves.

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Please reach out to me and ask me any any questions you may have. I am here to help you in any way I am able to do so. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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There are things happening in the sky above us that are interconnected with us.

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